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To Safely Build Trust With Anyone You Meet Online.

Verifying ID With A Selfie

Clients can upload a photo of their official ID and take a selfie. We match their selfie with their ID photo and verify their identification details.

Screening Current Job Details

Clients can submit their company email, website, and company name to us. We will verify their email ownership and confirm their details.

Building Trust With Clients

Let clients screen themselves for you. Clients can verify all the details you require for screening and submit those screening details to you.

TrustAnon - Recommendation of a Stranger

We Screen New Clients For You.

Think of TrustAnon as a mutual friend of both you and a new client that would like to receive your service. Our goal is to build trust between you two.

TrustAnon is designed to be the safest and most secure way to verify yourself and verify the clients that you meet online. Whether you want to verify the identity of a person you met on a dating app or you need to have a record of your client's details verified and secured for your business, TrustAnon is the smartest solution for all of your identity verification needs.

Verify a client's ID card, photo, location, current job, email, phone as well as various external profile links such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, etc. Learn about each other's financial, honesty, safety, appearance, punctuality and niceness ratings before meeting each other. We help build trust between strangers safely.

TrustAnon - Safety & Security

Your Information is Safe & Secure.

We use the industry's safest security standards.
We use the safest ID verification platform, Veriff.
We also use the safest payments processor, Stripe.


Countries Coverage

Over 10,000+ government-issued IDs from 197+ countries & territories can be verified instantly with TrustAnon.


Verified Instantly

Government-issued IDs can be verified in under 6 seconds. Other verification methods may take even lesser time.


Screening Methods

ID cards, photos, current job, location, email and phone screening as well as external social media links.

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Build trust anonymously before meeting in-person.
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